What is the vision of NCC?
Unified to do God’s will in His strength for His glory making mature followers of Christ, revived and equipped to serve one another and reach the lost.

What is the mission of NCC?
We will:
* Devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word for revival
* Devote ourselves to community, discipleship, and outreach
* Devote ourselves to a lifestyle of continual and joyful repentance

What are the values of NCC?
* Gospel: The gospel affects everything: it saves, transforms, and bears fruit
* Prayer: Prayer is the heart of our relationship with God and the power for service
* Mission: Mission directs our lives and ministry individually and corporately

When are worship services?
Every Sunday at 11:00AM worship services are held in English, Albanian, Chinese, and Arabic.  We are hoping to add Hispanic services soon!

What are services like?
Our services feature times of reflection and renewal along with thoughtful music leading to a Biblically-based sermon.

Is there childcare provided?
Yes!  Childcare is provided for children infant to age 4 during worship services.  
And for children ages 4 thru 8th grade, there is a children’s church service with an age appropriate teaching.

What is the “dress code”?
Dressing up is not a requirement to worship at NCC. We believe the most important thing is to come and worship our Lord.